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Meetup121 is the world first Language Exchange Platform and Classrooms. Meetup121 makes it easy for anyone to find his/her language partners and organize, face-to-face, text and chat or using, skype, whatsapp or wechat for language exchange activities.

We are based in Hong Kong, an international city which provides resources and people with different native languages. More importantly, we have many native Mandarin speakers with good English and well educated level with Teaching Chinese as Second Language or related qualifications. They are all friendly and welling to help you learn Mandarin.


Mission Statement

We help people communicate and get to know each other. Everyone could share their language and knowledge without boundary.

  1. Mandarin: We believe that Mandarin will become one of the most popular languages in the world. Hong Kong has its geographical advantage to provide rich resources of people and knowledge for teaching Mandarin or similar services.
  2. Cantonese: Nonetheless, people want to learn Cantonese, they will first think Hong Kong. More and more people are coming to Hong Kong for work or leisure, they need to learn some Cantonese for communications. Hong Kong will be the best place to provide this service.
  3. English: English is still the most popular language to learn if you want to communicate with others worldwide. Hong Kong and people from China still need English speaking people to practice with.
  4. Other languages are also important to many people as Hong Kong is an international city. At least 20% of the population in Hong Kong are learning other languages, besides Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Here is a perfect place for you to find your own language partner.


We Provide

  1. Face-to-face and one-to-one connections, we are the world first Language Centre provides one-to-one Language Exchange program, in the centre or any places such as coffee shops. You will be able to choose your own partner and make friends.
  2. Group Events, we organize group events for teaching Mandarin, Cantonese and other languages that provide opportunities for people gathering together to share their mother tongue. You are also encouraged to find your own group partners to form a group and inform us for reserving a classroom for you.
  3. Chat and text: Good for people who are in some places not convenient to commute or not many Chinese are around. We could use skype, whatsapp or wechat for language exchange activities.
  4. Penpal, people are preferred ONLY with texting messages to communicate with others. This is also possible.
  5. Professionals such as teachers or Language Specialists, you also could provide your service and charge a fee, we can provide a venue for you. You could communicate with your potential members and charge a fee as traveling reimbursements to subsidize your time and traveling expenses.







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