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I pretty much design a new background. The feature could be something like “Journalistic runescape gold Connections: You can find someone who knows what you need to know.” Obviously define it more tightly, but I think the concept could be solid. Skill proficiencies in History (knowledge of past events) and Persuasion (convincing people to give their stories) seem appropriate. Either use Calligrapher Kit or have two language proficiencies. The equipment is what I have the most trouble with I like the Dimir Operative three small knives, since it fits the Dimir signature rule of three style, but knives don fit here. Looking through the PHB for inspiration, I realised what I come up with is a slight variation on the Sage background. The Sage starting equipment seems appropriate if you replace the unanswered question with an unresolved investigation. Also add two more quills for that rule of three.

It’s called being professional and taking the high road. However, I am sure that the nastiness took its toll.No surprise that no one seems to have stepped up to take this job on. There have been times when I’ve thought about submitting a guest blog or opinion, but the name calling and cheap shots made by some has reminded me that it’s probably not worth it.

The FCC saying what is a reasonable way to operate is usually enough to get people to do it. Formal rules may be overkill. And it may cause real jurisdictioanal issues. Does the FCC have the right to regulate? If nothing else, as has happened with Comcast, these cases will end up in the courts for a long time.

They would still have to rework literally every item that provides an accuracy bonus, this includes the current weapon tier scaling system. If missed hits did half damage, then an accuracy boost would only be worth 50% of an equivalent damage boost. Reaper neck would only be 1.5ish%, nihils would give 2.5%, the gap between t80/t90/t92 etc would substantially decrease, and so on. Most accuracy boosting items in this game are held against an equivalent damage boosting item, like nihil vs titan, reaper vs souls, scrimshaws (where acc ones are already terrible as is), and would need adjustment to stay relevant.

In Night of the Living Dead it was suggested that it could have been caused by debris from a space probe returning from Venus that had exploded, but this was never actually confirmed. Johnny is killed when he attempts to rescue his sister; Barbra flees to a farmhouse pursued by her brother’s killer where she finds a partially eaten woman’s body inside.

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