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This is a free online Mandarin lessons, please enjoy!! You have to register as our member for using the material.

EDC Online programs:

We have 3 online programs for Mandarin Learners. They are good for:

  • Casual Learners
  • Serious Learners
  • Long-term and short-term commitments Learners
  • Busy Learners
  • Learners with different degree of flexibility

1. Mandarin Online programs:

  • Crash Course
  • Simple sentences for daily conversation
  • Easy to learn
  • Good for self-study and for people just want to use Mandarin with simple phrases

chapter 1 sample



2. Mandarin Foundation:

All basic knowledge of Mandarin in details, PinYin (Pronunciation), Grammar and Sentence Structure.
Simple and complicated sentences for daily conversation, simple to difficult
Good for serious learners to start with this program before learning further programs
Live instruction with EDC, 1-to-1 private lessons will be about 4-6 hours to finish, compare to traditional teaching approach for 20 hours. Self-study at your own pace, difficult to estimate.

Mandarin sample page

Mandarin sample page2



3. Mandarin Express: 

Material for EDC Group lessons

Live instruction (Group), 2 hours per topic with completion of exercises. Self-study at your own pace.

Mandariexpress sample


  • Live instruction (Group), 2 hours per topic with completion of exercises. Self-study at your own pace.
  • More complicated grammar and sentence structures compare to “Mandarin Online Program” as above.
  • Learners should take the [Mandarin Foundation] course as above before taking this program for effectiveness or as a natural flow of learning
  • For serious learners to learn Mandarin but not interested in private lessons with the best effectiveness.

The Online Materials are free of charge for MEMBERS ONLY. Please register at the top right corner of the front page:

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